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Please join us! 

We warmly invite teachers from VET education to use our Sustainable Construction course in their lessons. It is an interesting addition to the regular curriculum and is easy to integrate within the usual lessons. Of course you can first take a look around the course as a student. If you would like to create a teachers account, you can request a login code via the e-mail address below. You will find a teacher's guide in the teachers surrounding.


Of course, other interested parties are also very welcome. Access is free for everyone!


Translate an existing course to your own language?

Are you affiliated with an educational institution from another country and would you like to translate this course into your language? That is possible! Please contact our administrator via the e-mail address below, you then will receive a manual on how to proceed. The rights are free and use is completely free of charge. Please take the following copyright into account.

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Want to develop a new course?

Are you working in business, government or semi-government institutions or at an educational institution and would you like to develop a new course? That is possible too! Please contact us via the e-mail address below and you will receive information on how to proceed.


Please contact us: info@educate2innovate.eu