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Educate 2 Innovate

An interactive learning platform

Educate2Innovate is an interactive online learning platform that contributes to a faster translation of the wishes of the professional field to appropriate and current education. The world is changing at a rapid pace. Educate2Innovate makes it possible to easily integrate these developments into new curriculum. Within the online learning platform Educate2Innovate new courses can easily be developed by using our didactic model.Educate2Innovate is developed within an international partnership. Participating partners are BFW Bau Sachsen e.V., Malmö University, Technische Universität Dresden, Bouwmensen Limburg and Bouwmensen Amersfoort.



Welcome to Educate2Innovate


Educate2Innovate is an online learning platform where online courses are offered free of charge. The first course we offer on this platform is the course Sustainable Construction and consists of 10 units. This course is interactive and easily accessible for all MBO students and others that are interested. The level of this course is EQF level 2, but of course other levels and also teachers are welcome to join the course.

The course consists of the following 10 modules:

  1. The history of energy and its impact on the world population
  2. Building materials and fossil fuels
  3. Sustainable economy is possible
  4. Living in the future
  5. Supply and demand with regard to sustainable construction
  6. Sustainable performance 'Measuring is knowing!'
  7. High-tech and low-tech
  8. Ecological building materials
  9. Future techniques in the construction sector
  10. The new energy mix 2050

Educate2Innovate warmly invites you to join the Sustainable Construction course. Participation is completely free of charge. You can choose to value your knowledge afterwards in the form of one (1) ECVET point. If you want to know more about ECVET, please take a look here

To receive the ECVET point you have to take an exam first. If you would like to take the exam, there are costs involved. The exam consists of a theory exam and a practical exam. Both exams are examined at a recognized examination location. 

In preparation for the practical exam, you will first receive a practical instruction day. The practical instruction, theory exam and practical exam last together for 2 consecutive days. If you are interested in this, please contact us: info@educate2innovate.eu.

Before taking part in the exam, you must complete all 10 units.

Are you curious? Then take a look at our online learning platform.

TIP: have you successfully completed this course and passed the exams, put it on your EUROPASS CV. Want to know more about the EUROPASS CV?